We at Rivatuner.com are an independent group of gaming enthusiasts that united for a common cause, i.e., to make the gaming experience better. As gamers, we understand the importance of having robust hardware that can handle memory hungry games smoothly. However, not all of us have the latest graphics processing unit (GPU) under the hood.

Therefore, as our moral obligation to the gaming fraternity, we demonstrate ways to overclock or enhance GPU performance safely and at no cost.

Overclocking is a method of increasing processor’s clock speed to gain better performance. The practice of tweaking the clock-rate has been in use for over two decades. In the past, overclocking was complex and required a special set of skills, however, times are different now. Today, anyone can overclock a PC using software that is specifically designed to overclock.

Even though it is much easier now, it is best to take precautions before overclocking. Therefore, we write on new overclocking programs and tips and tricks to bump up computer performance. Our aim is to share our knowledge and help gamers get the best out of what they own instead of upgrading to new hardware.

As Disclosed, We (RivaTuner.com) are in no way related, affiliated, or linked to the original developers of the freeware overclocking software – RivaTuner. We promote new technologies and programs that are beneficial to gamers.